Friday, May 11


I've been doing a ton of fun stuff for Paper Diamond in the last couple of months (some of which hasn't been released yet), including a music video, new EP cover, promo illustrations, etc. Here are the highlights:

This is an image that was inspired by my "Can We Go Up" single cover. It's being used for apparel and promo.

This is the cover image for PD's latest EP "Wavesight" via Mad Decent.

This video debuted last Wednesday night on MTV, and here's the uncensored version from PD's youtube page. You'll notice my greasy little fingerprints in a few places in the video. I'll explain.

This animation test showcases the custom type and background layers I created for the project. I didn't have anything to do with the animation in the actual video, but I put this together for myself to see how my illustration loop was working. Interesting to be back working in After Effects again. I've been doing a lot of commercial illustration work for animation lately, and I'm really enjoying it.

My smoke layers isolated. The following are screen grabs of the final product as it appeared in the video. Looking forward to working more with Paper Diamond in the future! Lots of fun projects in the works right now.