Saturday, January 31


I missed a day this week, but I've been drawing my ass off I promise.

Friday, January 30


I intended to redesign The Dazzler, but it started looking like someone else. Then I realized that Jubilee is just a rebranded Dazzler, playing the rebellious youth character that the demographic is supposed to relate to. Then I wondered how I've gone this long without realizing that, and then I realized I have better things to think about. This might require a redraw.

X-man 3/8

Wednesday, January 28


A quick study of James Jean's "Fables" covers. Turns out I can draw better just sitting in the same room as a James Jean book. Damn his effortless awesomeness.

Monday, January 26


I'm starting on a logo tonight for a startup clothing company, so I'm drawing out of Shannon's magazines to get in the fashion mindset. Anyone have any recommendations for some horrible booty house music? That might help too.

Sunday, January 25


Art Spiegelman spoke at CU today, giving a lecture on the history of comic books. It was a great talk, and great fun listening to one of the names amongst names give his unique perspective on comics. He acknowledged that he's considered the father of the graphic novel, but modestly added that there's a DNA test pending. Hilarious. My sketch today is a quick study of Spiegelman's characters from the Pulitzer winning MAUS.

Friday, January 23


Guess what I'm watching.

I'm sorry, the correct answer is Ghoulies 2. See, these are the brainfarts I was talking about.

Thursday, January 22


This has been a great week watching Obama's inauguration and first moves as President. It's been quite a journey watching him go from "Hey, why can't I vote for THAT guy?!" in 2004 to now President Barack Hussein Obama. My highlight of this odyssey was definitely the Democratic National Convention, where I had the good fortune of seeing Obama's big speech and participating in the Manifest Hope Show. This was Shannon and my contribution to a truly humbling event. We were pretty determined to not do another Obama portrait, but I think I smell an Obama flavored sketch coming on...


Wednesday, January 21

Yoshihiro Takayama

This is a promo illustration I just finished, working out a relatively new technique and commemorating the legendary slugfest between Don Frye and "The Hawtness" Yoshihiro Takayama in Pride. Just watch the first minute of this fight and tell me it's not awesome.


Iron Man by request of Patrick Combs

Tuesday, January 20

Sketch-A-Day Challenge

My buddy and illustrator extraordinaire Thom Glick has invited me to partake in his daunting Sketch-A-Day Challenge. So in 2009 I'll be doing my best to post daily with oven fresh sketches, technique studies, brainfarts, and random tidbits that might have never seen the light of day. I'm really hoping to sharpen my skills and learn through this process, and also to have a venue for all the half-ideas and progress shots I'd never normally post on Joyengine. This is solely a device for my experimentation and growth as an artist, so please don't be shy and give some feedback! Thanks!