Tuesday, October 11


I did another beer inspired piece for this round of PBR art festivities. I used salvaged junk wood for the surface, and built 3 small boxes from it. I then transferred my sketch and just tried to have fun with the faux vintage look, pushing and pulling with paint and sandpaper. Overall, it was a good exercise in simplicity for me, allowing my surface to provide. Now all I have to do is get PBR to give me some real work! I think I've got their demo down. How cool would a whole campaign of these characters be?

PBR put on 3 art shows in the area, but I was most excited to make something for the Sundown Saloon show in Boulder. That was my favorite spot back when I lived there. It's a basement bar, low light, full of old beat up wooden furniture and odd smells. The perfect place to duck into after being dragged to froufrou cocktail spots all evening. I think my piece captures the place affectionately known as "The Downer" splendidly.

Monday, October 3


I recently did some artwork for Boulder-based recording artist Alex Botwin, AKA Paper Diamond. Alex is a really rad musician, and I now have the distinct pleasure of calling him and his Elm and Oak partner Berk Gibbs friends of mine. Look for more cover artwork in the near future, and some top secret collabs between myself and PD's micro army of arty allies, Lifter Baron and Nook. Exciting stuff! And according to Interview Magazine, I'm best known for my work on Gorillaz... Yep, that was totally me (we had nothing to do with that Jamie Hewlett, I swear).

You can download a high quality copy of the music on Soundcloud, where the track has been steadily kicking ass since it dropped in September. Or you can just click on the youtube clip below.


Coming to a video game magazine near you, I just kicked out this print ad/promo shirt combo for Game Guzzler. It's a job website for people in the field of... you guessed it. Phil was super cool to work with, and I think we gave his beloved monkey mascot a much needed facelift with this piece. Check them out if you're job searching in the industry.


Just rattling off a few new posts on this fine Monday morning. I recently took part in AIGA's Ink Off event, where I took on local comic book artist Matthew Allison in a "battle to the illustrator death." Holy shit guys. I've never done live art before, let alone timed competitive live art. Normally I'm under the impression that an hour isn't enough time to do anything. But when your brain is whirring, and your opponent is flying through some familiar characters, there's nothing left to do but sling some ink, and fast! You can see the final product while I'm talking, got some good shading in just before the buzzer.

Ink Off! Ice Cream Social from AIGA Colorado on Vimeo.