Tuesday, October 11


I did another beer inspired piece for this round of PBR art festivities. I used salvaged junk wood for the surface, and built 3 small boxes from it. I then transferred my sketch and just tried to have fun with the faux vintage look, pushing and pulling with paint and sandpaper. Overall, it was a good exercise in simplicity for me, allowing my surface to provide. Now all I have to do is get PBR to give me some real work! I think I've got their demo down. How cool would a whole campaign of these characters be?

PBR put on 3 art shows in the area, but I was most excited to make something for the Sundown Saloon show in Boulder. That was my favorite spot back when I lived there. It's a basement bar, low light, full of old beat up wooden furniture and odd smells. The perfect place to duck into after being dragged to froufrou cocktail spots all evening. I think my piece captures the place affectionately known as "The Downer" splendidly.