Wednesday, May 27


Just keeping my hand warm, drawing some hair from reference, catching up on MMA podcasts. Why, what do you do on a Wednesday night? ..... Oh. That is much cooler.

Thursday, May 21


Trying to get back on the daily sketch bandwagon for a bit. I'm a big fan of Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, who is doing a contest on his site involving his new vinyl toy "Kuta". Seemed like a good excuse to study Sean's shaping a bit, and bang out a sketch in the process. Fun!

Sunday, May 3


Did you ever know that I'm really sensitive? Well it's true. I often read poetry while weeping uncontrollably, and I watch movies like Bride Wars by candle light. Yeah, I'm always doing stuff like that.

Really, I've just been looking at a lot of photography lately, and wanted to do a finished piece using some fashion inspired imagery. Damn you Shannon and your Top Model marathons.

Friday, May 1


Just wrapped this drawing up, I'm pretty happy with it. Time for some polish...