Friday, February 27


I read that there's no giant squid in the movie, but hopefully we'll get to see Rorschach eat Nightowl's beans and sugar cubes (honestly one of my favorite scenes in Watchmen). The only other person I know who eats out of cans is Jack. I remember him eating room temperature Beef-a-roni in a can on several occasions in college, but I was never able to convince him of how fucked up it is...

Sorry about the lack of posts this week kids. Gotta pay them bills.

Friday, February 20


So I meant to add Lockheed to the Shadowcat sketch the other day. Started looking up some info on the most inexplicable X-men cast member ever and was blown away at the level of back story that exists. Turns out he's super intelligent but just can't speak English, he's a spy from another planet, he was exiled to Earth, and he's very selective of Kitty's relationships with men (he approved of Colossus apparently). What?! And here I thought he was just a little purple bit of kid's marketing magic in 'Pryde of the X-men'. I think he even had the voice of slimer making little cutesy dragon noises. That guy got a lot of work back then huh?

X-man 7.5/8

Thursday, February 19

Tuesday, February 17


X-man 7/8


Taking off for 2 days to do recon at MAGIC fashion and apparel trade show. By this time tomorrow I should be up 50k. By this time next week I should be retired. C'mon black!

Sunday, February 15


When I sit with paper and pencil, and no ideas, this is what comes out of me. Little shape driven character doodles. I could cover the world in this stuff. Easy.


Little birdies lookin' hard.


Gotta make some quick ones to catch up. Guess which part was drawn first... Nope. Bottom right cloud.

Thursday, February 12


OK, I have a super nerdy question, but I guarantee the purists among us have an opinion on this. The little metal pieces on Mr. Snikty Snikty Snarr's hands, do we like them? I always used to draw them as a kid, but I'm not sure I like them always. I assume they're intended to stay implanted in the skin so he doesn't cut himself every time the claws come out. But he doesn't wear them unless he's in uniform? Didn't he have them when he escaped from Weapon X? My comic book knowledge is rusty these days. Vote for implants, nothing or for a redesign of Wolvie's claw implants.

X-man 6/8

Wednesday, February 11


Finished the Nightcrawler sketch! The group shot is coming together. 3 character drawings to go, 7 finishes. 

Tuesday, February 10


Another one from the sushi place.


I found this really tucked away sushi joint in Brekenridge this weekend. Run by this chef that had covered the place in crafty cabin fishing paraphernalia. He was reading a flyfishing book when he wasn't cutting fish. I imagine he never stops thinking about fish.

His work... after I stuck my face in it.

Monday, February 2


It's Groundhog Day, the most worthless American holiday of all time. Did anyone see the groundhog today? I think this was what was going through his mind.