Thursday, November 19


Finally finished! Can't believe how long this took, but I've been ridiculously busy lately. Promo work always takes a back seat to deadlines and more pressing stuff. Overall, I'm happy with my end result. I think the most amazing part of seeing all these Sendak homages is the sheer variety of interpretations out there. You can feel the deep affinity for the subject matter from everyone involved. Hope the movie didn't ruin this spirit, I know a lot of people didn't like it. What did you think?

Monday, November 9


Whew, finally finished this thing! I started this piece well before the movie came out, and am just now finishing the pencil drawing. I feel like I'm late for the party, seeing all the great Where The Wild Things Are art that's popped up over the last month or two. October was crazy busy for me, but I'm hoping to get a lot more posts done in November. I've got some promo ideas in the hopper, and a website to finish.

Went a little crazy with the crosshatching on this piece in an effort to really study the lines of Mr. Sendak. Doing him justice is no simple task. ON TO COLOR! Nails in coffins and what not.