Sunday, January 31


Watching Conan's last night on The Tonight Show admittedly left me a bit misty eyed. It's funny how seeing something come to an end can teach you just how important it really is to you. I realized I've been watching Conan since I was 13-years-old; that's over half of my life! Feeling inspired by the massive outpouring of love for Conan, I set out to make an epic homage featuring all of my favorite Late Night characters. After countless sketches and a lot of wasted paper, I realized this is a job for a wacom tablet and the forgiveness of photoshop. So here it is, my super sloppy final sketch. Check back in a few days for the finished pencil drawing, and a contest to name as many characters as you can for a prize! Hold your guesses.

Thursday, January 21


Hey all, it's been a few. Well, life's been crazy on my end, mostly because I finally proposed to my girlfr- er fiance Shannon Bonatakis after 7 plus years. We've come a long way since that fateful day in illustrative drawing class, when I wooed her with my sardonic charm and underwear model good looks. So we're neck deep in wedding planning and it's eating up most of my free time at the moment. BUT I'm making a new year's resolution to blog more frequently so please hit subscribe, snag my RSS feed, bookmark me, follow me on Twitter, do whatever you do and expect some fresh graphite when you come back.

So this new piece is for a PBR show in Denver this Saturday at Illiterate and Indyink. I'm honestly not a huge fan of Pabst, but you can't deny the hipster loyalty PBR has earned over the last decade. I'm much more fond of a hoppy microbrew when I lust for ale, so I guess I'll have to kick out my homage to Stone Brewing Co. soon.

Final illustration

Some sketches and WIP drawing

Transferred on wood and varnished