Tuesday, September 28


Another Dexter sketch. If you haven't seen the show, you should. You'll never look at John Lithgow the same after seeing his role as the "Trinity Killer."

Monday, September 27


I may be crazy for trying to do sketch-a-day this week, but here goes. I'm limiting my time on these, so we might see a frantic scribble post by Friday. This first installment is an homage to someone I'm extremely happy to have back in my life.

Tuesday, September 21


Big news! For the first time since the day I turned 15, I don't have a job! I've decided the time is finally right to go full time freelance illustration, and I'm chomping at the bit to make the best work of my career. My fiancee Shannon and I will also be packing up and moving to Denver for a little change of pace. And you can look forward to some sketch-a-day action and lots of new art coming right up.

Coinciding with my newfound employment status, I just relaunched my entire online presence including my shiny new WEBSITE, a facelift for my BLOG and STORE, new ways to FOLLOW, and tons of never before seen content. Go! Look! Wish me luck!