Tuesday, March 17


So between working full-time for an apparel company, steady freelance work, "normal human" responsibilities and sketch-a-day, I am freakin' beat kids. So you'll notice that my page conveniently no longer says "sketch-a-day", and that's because I reluctantly tap. I'll continue to post sketches, progress shots, thoughts, inspiration, etc. but I was really feeling bad about not posting daily and that's no good. Time to get my biz in order.

So now I'll be focusing on making the work I need to make, and not worrying about posting little things I'm not all that crazy about anyway. I just took on a big project co-creating an animated series (that I currently can't talk about), my shiny new website is about to get taken off the back burner, and I have new illustrations and merchandise in the works. Good stuff! I'll keep you all posted for sure. Sorry I'm a huge pussy and my truly quick sketches aren't worth posting. Let's get a sketch-battle going soon. I'm down.